“Unwritten” Visual Book Test Set Official Release with New Exclusive 3rd Book!

“Unwritten” Visual Book Test Set Official Release with New Exclusive 3rd Book!


After a tremendously successful pre-launch, “Unwritten”, my original visual book test, is officially released with a couple of changes based on response and feedback.

During the pre-launch, the books were available singly as well as a 2-book set. As it turns out, every order was for a 2-book set with only one order for just one book. I also received inquiries on if I planned to release additional books.

I am pleased to announce that the “default” “Unwritten” product will now consist of 2 books. There will be no more option to buy just 1 book from this 2-book set. This basic set will also be released widely through magic dealers in time to come.

As a result, I have produced a 3rd exclusive book that will only be available from me direct through www.illusionbookstore.com.

This new book features a completely different look from the original books and is designed as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming/ Psychology book entitled “Brain Triggers”.

This book will be available as an exclusive 3-book set as well as individually. Owners of the 2-book set can check the back of their books fro the discount code to buy this 3rd book at a special price. 

You can order the complete 3-book set here.
You can order the basic 2-book set here.

Check out the trailer for “Unwritten” below:

You can also watch a video discussion of “Unwritten” in an episode of “Illusion Product Talk” below: