FREE Illusion Plan/ Book

FREE Illusion Plan/ Book

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Free I Magic Book Illusion Plan


Learn how to perform and build a self-teleportation illusion with the following effect:

As part of the presentation for the illusion, the illusionist removes a Kabuki robe and mask hanging on the back of a cabinet, that is back-facing the audience. After wearing the full costume, the illusionist walks behind it and turns it around, revealing the clearly empty interior. The cabinet has no door.

He unrolls a cloth from the top of the cabinet so that it covers the entire front of the cabinet and the view inside. Once done, the illusionist walks off stage, out of view from the audience.

Suddenly, a hand presses through the cloth from the inside of the cloth. The cloth is ripped down revealing the magical appearance of the illusionist inside the cabinet, out of the Kabuki costume.

“The Déjà Vu Cabinet” is a 8-page illusion plan complete with building plans, dimensions, material lists and full descriptions.



In this eBook, “Professional Illusion Secrets”, you will learn illusion tips, techniques and advice that you can apply immediately to your illusion career; regardless of whether you are a new illusionist or seasoned veteran.

The eBook contains over 40 pages of solid content covering a variety of topics from illusion show producing, management and performance.

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