Videos, Podcasts & Online Shows for Illusionists & Magicians

Videos, Podcasts & Online Shows for Illusionists & Magicians

Watch & listen to different videos, podcast and online shows for illusionists & magicians.


The “Illusion Breakdown Series” Season 1 consists of 8 episodes that explore and discuss different aspects of the art, science and performance of illusions.

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Watch Episode 1: Illusion Presentation: Justification & Motivation


Ep2 blog

Watch Episode 2: How to Create Budget Illusions



Watch Episode 3: Illusions for Kids & Family Shows


Ep4 blog

Watch Episode 4: Producing a Theatrical Illusion Act


Ep5 blog

Watch Episode 5: Adding Solo Illusions to Your Show


Ep6 blog

Episode 6: How to Customize Magic for Corporate Events


Ep7 blog

Episode 7: Performing Illusions for Television


webinar 8

Episode 8: Illusions & Mentalism


Also check out the “Illusion Product Series” where the latest illusion books, videos & products from The Illusion Bookstore are discussed frankly.