Illusion Breakdown Series S1E2: How to Create Budget Illusions

Illusion Breakdown Series S1E2: How to Create Budget Illusions


(Apologies in advance. The video cuts off partway into the webinar but audio remains. Please enjoy the webinar/ podcast)

In this episode, illusionist & illusion designer, J C Sum, discusses how to create budget illusions that look great on stage.

The webinar explores different sources of inexpensive illusions as well as outlines some budget illusions you can put together right away.

Also check out the post on “Budget Illusions that Look Great on Stage”.

Some resources for budget illusions from J C include:

  • Subscribe to for a free illusion plan here.
  • Make a nominal donation to to gain a lifetime membership to the Backstage Section of the website. The backstage section includes more free illusion plans, videos and ideas. Click here.

$75 Appearing Girl

New illusion just added to the Backstage Section

  • J C’s book “Simple Showstoppers” details multiple illusions that can each be built for under US$500. Click here.
  • J C’s digital illusion plan package describes a number of inexpensive illusions culled from his various books. Click here.



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