The Illusion Bookstore

The Illusion Bookstore

THE ILLUSION BOOKSTORE is the world’s largest online store for digital illusion books, illusion plans and streaming videos for illusionists!

It has an extensive catalog of illusion books, illusion plans, streaming videos, DVDs, illusion props as well as close up & mentalism effects not available anywhere else in the world.

The Illusion Bookstore is the exclusive distributor of all my illusion books, illusion plans, illusion videos and original illusions; including special book sets are only available through the store.

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Here are some reviews of my various books:


“J C Sum has a very modern way of thinking while still having respect for the classics…If you have some experience building, and want to add some cool new illusions to your act, I’d recommend this book!”

– Joe Diamond, MyLovelyAssistant 8/7/2012 Full Review

“After reading this book, I discovered an illusion or two that I’m seriously considering building experimenting with in a stand up show”

– Jeff Stone, 11/13/2012 Full Review


“It is rare that illusionists will share the wealth of knowledge and insight that J C does in this book. For those who wish to use illusions in their work this book is simply invaluable.

“Urban Illusions” is a much-needed collection of modern illusions for today’s audiences and J C provides an essential new voice in the area of illusion design.”

Franz Harary

“Sum has taken classic illusions and applied his ingenuity and creativity to effectively make them his own…The book goes hand in hand with the “Behind the Illusions” DVD. For those who are looking to get into illusions, I recommend ‘Urban Illusions.’”

– Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 9/23/2011 Full Review

“The thinking in the book is really nice…The illustrations and few photos will get your brain racing. ”

– Christian, MyLovelyAssistant 11/18/2011 Full Review

“Mr. Sum is a successful, working illusionist, so he knows what he’s talking about…for the professional illusion worker, there is much here of interest…”

– Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 11/1/2011


“… JC is a very accomplished performer and illusion designer who has worked all over the globe and helped design and build many illusions for others, as well as his own. In my book, his word is good.”

– Dr. J. M. Ayala de Cedoz, MyLovelyAssistant 7/7/2014 Full Review

“If you’re an illusionist on a budget, or you’re wanting to get into illusions, this is a great place to start.”

– Jeff Stone, Full Review


“I really like the content of this book. I think there is a lot of creativity in the ideas and variety in the methodologies that J.C. presents. I can honestly say that if I was still in the Birthday Day market I would without hesitation add “The Gift Box” and “The Birthday Cake Table” to my show.

If you are a family show or Birthday Day show performer I think you will get some very good ideas from this book. As with all of J.C.’s releases I can highly recommend this as material that is suitable for working professionals.”

– Cody Fisher, Professional Magician, 27 July 2011

“For most situations, from a living room to a small stage venue, you’ll find them to be effective, baffling and workable. Solid ideas from one who’s actually been in the trenches and KNOWS what works.

Creatively, it has been some time since I’ve read a collection of illusions that weren’t just old ideas with a new paint job. J C’s fresh ideas will come at you from the side. Where standard effects are used, he offers surprising innovations and unexpected combinations that raise them to a whole new level.”

Dan Wolfe

“I highly recommend this book for many reasons but first off because the idea that you can now offer much more to your family shows. The status of just one of these illusions in your show can give you the chance to also ask for a bit more money to your program and who doesn’t like that concept?

Each of these Illusions are not to hard to build and could be made in a short amount of time. The price for this book is $45.00 that comes down to about $5.62 per illusion and that’s a great deal in itself. Each of the Illusions are also not expensive either to build. You will be inspired from the many great ideas in this book again to take your simple family show to the next professional level.”

– Tony Blanco, Professional Kids & Family Magician, 28 July 2011

“If you feel that your stand up act can use some larger effects – either to improve your show, play “bigger” or to create “add-ons” that can allow you to charge for “extras” and increase your revenue from each gig, you may find lots to like in this first rate book.”

– Wayne Kawamoto, Magic & Illusion 10/4/2011 Full Review

“I believe this book is a valuable resource for the working children’s performer.”

– Matthew Field, The Magic Circular Magazine 12/1/2011



MY THOUGHTS: If you find yourself being booked for a corporate show or product launch then you will definitely want to check this book out. By offering something special from producing the CEO or producing the product can make a huge difference in your fee and getting the job over others.

Some illusions are easier to make than others, and the production of the motorbike would take a professional builder to make. There are also illusions that could be used for team building or where the CEO wants to get a point across with his staff. There is also a routine combining snowstorm with the production of a jewellery launch. As well as the illusions JC also shares his thoughts on how to approach and the role of the corporate magician/illusionist. The main focus on the illusions is either the production of a product or an illusion based around the CEO.

The real value of this book is showing how to incorporate magic and illusions with the companies theme or logo. JC offers some great advice and the book shows how the use of magic in a corporate event is an extension of entertainment in marketing. He also makes the great point that to be successful in the corporate field you need to have a wide technical knowledge across all genres of magic – and this is what takes years and years of study and work to achieve.

Paul Romhany, Reviews Vanish Magazine 12/1/2013



“Very Clever!…The ending question here is: Are these books worth the money? Yes! ”

– Christian, MyLovelyAssistant 4/3/2012 Full Review


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