Illusion Breakdown Series S1E4: Producing a Theatrical Illusion Act

Illusion Breakdown Series S1E4: Producing a Theatrical Illusion Act


In this episode, illusionist & illusion designer, J C Sum, chats with Ingo Brehm, one half of ZauberTriXXer, an illusion duo from Germany.


They discuss how to produce a theatrical illusion act and talk about the challenges, tips and advice for magicians looking to produce a theatrical illusion act.

Watch ZauberTriXXer’s award-winning illusion act below before the webinar.

ZauberTrixxer poster

About ZauberTriXXer (

Ingo Brehm was born in Cologne, Germany and came into magic through a Pascal, a magician from Belgium who he met on a vacation in Tunesia at the age of 19.

He joined the Zirkel von Deutschland“ (Magic Circle of Germany) in 1997 and began teaching his friend, Albin Zinnecker, some magic effects when he showed keen interest in magic.

After performing an impromptu show together during a scuba diving vacation in Egypti in 2001, Ingo and Albin founded “ZaubertriXXer” (loosely translated to Magic Trickster) and since then they have been working as stage and close-up magicians mainly for companies and at trade fairs.

In 2012, ZaubertriXXer started a new adventure with a stage illusion act called “Magic Eagles”. This unique and original act featured about 20 female cheerleaders, who teamed up with a football player (Ingo) to make the life of a classic magician (Albin) as difficult as possible. This was visualized in the dream of a small boy who dreams about being a famous magician and a football star.

The act won first place at the German Championship of Magic in 2014 with their theatrical illusion act “Magic Eagles” and have presented the act across Europe in theatre shows, magic conventions, television and competed at FISM in Rimini.

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