How to be a World Class Illusionist

How to be a World Class Illusionist


How to Be a World Class Illusionist

If you enjoyed the free audio shows, check out “How to Be a World Class Illusionist”.

This is a 3-episode audio show (approx. 60 minutes) where I discuss what it takes to be a world-class illusionist. 

EPISODE 1 – The World’s Next Top Illusionist

Show contents include:

    • Why to Get Into Illusions?
    • Considerations for Your First Illusion
    • Tips for Your First Illusion
    • Recommendations for Your First Illusion + J C’s Personal Recommendations
    • Where to Get Funding for Your First Illusion
    • Recommended Resources for Illusionist

EPISODE 2 – The Thinking Illusionist

Show contents include:

Part 1: Developing Your Illusion Knowledge

    • Four Areas of Knowledge to Develop
    • Where to Acquire Knowledge
    • Track your Progress

Part 2: The Psychology of Illusion Performance

    • What is the Psychology of Illusions? (Basic/ Advanced)
    • How to Develop Your Understanding of the Psychology of Illusions
    • Tools to Advance the Psychology in Illusions
    • Two Factors that May Affect the Psychology of Illusions

EPISODE 3 – How to be a Superstar Illusionist

Show contents include:

    • First Steps for New Illusionists or Seasoned Magicians Moving into Illusions
    • For Intermediate & Advanced Illusionists
    • 3 Common Characteristics of Commercial Success
    • 4 Key Elements of the Superstar Illusionist
    • Final Words

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