How to Book More Shows for Magicians?

How to Book More Shows for Magicians?


This article examines a simple but profound thought – How to books more shows for magicians and make money.

At the most basic level, being a successful commercial magician means being able to make a decent living performing with a reasonably comfortable lifestyle. While there is no formula for success in show business, there are ways to give you a better chance at being successful.

Here are a few steps on how to book more shows:


A strong product (show or act) is essential for a magician to build a successful career. Offering a solid act or show to the market is the most fundamental aspect of being a successful magician.

This might seem obvious, but some entertainers are oblivious to how good (or bad) their product actually is.

While it is still possible to book shows with a lower quality product, you will either need to offer a low price or a lot of extra value in order to book enough shows to make good money.

This article is not on how to produce a quality act. I am sure there are ample resources available to you on the technical aspects and producing of your particular art. So, it is not my place to tell you how to produce and learn your art.

One word of advice I will offer is to always benchmark yourself with entertainers in one market/ level above you, not just with entertainers in the same market/ level as you.

If you compare yourself with entertainers at the same level as yourself, it is easy to get complacent and comfortable. Benchmarking yourself with entertainers a level above you will drive you to improve and grow as an entertainer.


As noted in my article Four Ways Performing Magic & Illusions is Different in 2017, various factors make it challenging for magicians to book more shows. At times, especially in more competitive markets, having a quality show or act is not good enough. It is an expected “given” from clients, show producers and agents.

The key to securing more shows then requires an extra layer or commercial value. And, that is to have a unique competitive edge.; i.e., being different so you stand out in the crowd.

The trick (pun intended) is, of course, to figure out what makes you different or how you make yourself different from other magicians. It is much easier said than done and there are books dedicated to the subject including chapters in my “The Showbiz Master Plan”.

Here are some questions to set you thinking:

  • Are you performing material that is different from other magicians in your market/ region?
  • Is your act presented in a unique way or with a different narrative?
  • Do you work exceptionally well with a particular audience that few entertainers can do?
  • Are you replaceable with another entertainer for the same price if you are unable to take on a show?
  • Do you use the same music used by other entertainers, even if the music is from a different type of act?
  • Can you describe what makes you unique from anyone else in your market/ region in one sentence?
  • Is there anything unique about your stage character?
  • Have you received any awards that set you apart from other artistes in your market?
  • Can you perform your act in a language(s) that others cannot?
  • Are you of an ethnic heritage or minority that is of differentiating value?


Once you are confident that you have a good product, you need to employ marketing tools and tactics.

Marketing tools refer to the techniques, methods and platforms you use to promote and sell your
product and brand. Marketing tactics refer to how you use your tools.

Some marketing tools include:

  • Identity (Logo, Promo Photos,
  • Business Cards, Slogan, Moniker etc)
  • Online Marketing (Website, Blog, Video Platform, Google AdWords etc)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Agents, Show Bookers and Talent Managers
  • Event Producers
  • Media & PR
  • Advertising
  • Direct Marketing
  • Exhibiting at Trade Shows
  • Referrals and Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Business Partners
  • Showcases

Spend time, effort and money on each marketing tool and monitor which produces the best results. Focus your resources on the tools and tactics that work and continue to monitor the results.


Repeat clients are the most “low-cost” clients as you spend the least to acquire every new show from them. There is also a high chance that they will refer you to friends or business partners. Word-of-mouth marketing is also a very strong form of marketing as it is low-cost but very powerful. So, keep in touch with your existing clients through fairly regular emails or send postcards when you travel. Update them on your high profile projects or if you have new shows.

If you follow the above steps diligently and work hard in each step, you will put yourself in a better position to book more shows and make money as a magician.

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