The Modern Magic Assistant (Guidebook + Video)

The Modern Magic Assistant (Guidebook + Video)


In this first-of-its kind dedicated resource, magicians and magic assistants can learn how to work together to stage a seamless high-level magic or illusion show.

This is the definitive guide to working with stage hands, magic assistants and onstage partners for magicians and illusionists of all levels.

Learn how to bring your magic show to the next level by leveraging on assistants to increase the scale of the show, making things look bigger and more lavish, or to be able to employ magic methods and techniques that utilize one more person.

Never before has such a guide been released with this much detail, information and nuance.

Topics covered include:

  • Different Levels of Magic Assistants
  • Working with Stage Hands and Cue Sheet
  • Choosing/ Recruiting a Magic Assistant
  • Criteria for a Magic Assistant
  • Working with a Magic Assistant
  • Remuneration & Fees
  • Technical Training & Rehearsals
  • Working with Illusions
  • Working with an Ad Hoc Assistant
  • Fitting the Assistant into the Show
  • Making the Assistant a Part of the Show
  • Tips & Stories

As a bonus, the guide features a sit-down interview with a highly experienced professional illusion assistant who has worked with more than 3 dozen different professional illusions, including props fabricated by Bill Smith, John Gaughan, Willie Kennedy, Tim Clothier, EDF and many other top builders.

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