2017 New Tools of Aspiring Professional Illusionists

2017 New Tools of Aspiring Professional Illusionists


Happy new year and I am pleased to announce two incredible new tools for aspiring professional illusionists.


“The Professional Illusionist Master Course” is the first online course of its kind for stage magicians and illusionists that will teach you step-by-step how to produce a professional illusion show for your target market.

It will detail everything you need to know about putting together a practical worker’s illusion show and how to grow it over time.

In addition, you will learn tips and “tricks” on how to sell your show and get bookings as a new illusionist.

Registration is now open. Check out exclusive FREE videos and enjoy a massive discount for early bird registration that both only last a week till 8 Jan 2017. Click HERE.


“How to be an Illusionist” is an introductory reference guide on performing a modern illusion show in today’s entertainment & pop culture market.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn step by step how to put an illusion show together, regardless of whether you perform illusions for fun, as a hobby, part-time or professionally.

You will receive a goldmine of information that will empower you with practical knowledge to take on the world of grand illusions; including a primer on over 100 well-known illusions performed today with credits.


The reference guide consists of 10 modules of information that is worth thousands of dollars’ to the performing illusionist and has taken years of experience to learn and develop.

It features over 80 full-colour photographs of over a dozen international illusionists in performance including David DaVinci (USA), J C Sum (Singapore), David & Abi Haines (USA), Kyle Knight & Mistie (USA), Miguel Gavilán (Spain), Hector Ruiz (Spain), Rémy Savary (France), Adeline Ng (Singapore), Daniel Ka (Spain), Sam Powers (Australia), Jason Bishop (USA), Jay Mattioli (USA) and Sean Alexander (U.K.).


This new expanded & updated 2nd Edition is also available separately as a printed book and instant download.

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