Long Awaited J C Sum iFRAME Plans Now Available

Long Awaited J C Sum iFRAME Plans Now Available


The long awaited J C Sum iFRAME plans are now available for sale from the Illusion Bookstore.

For years, magicians from all over the world have requested for the plans for J C Sum’s original iFRAME illusion stage prop. Finally, J C is making the premium design plans available to the magic community.

The iFRAME is an extremely versatile prop that will allow you to perform a multitude of effects to create your own routine or act as well as customize effects for special shows or events.


With the iFRAME, you can:

  • Vanish Objects
  • Produce Objects
  • Transform One Object to Another
  • Create a Series of Different Effects to Form a Full Sequence or Act
  • Make an Image Appear on a Blank Placard
  • Transform One Image to Another on a Blank Placard

For corporate stage magicians or entertainers, you can use the iFRAME to:

  • Make products appear for launches
  • Transform an old product to a new one
  • Make an award appear for an awards ceremony
  • Make a corporate identity or logo appear
  • Transform an old corporate identity or logo to a new one
  • Make a product image vanish and produce the actual product
  • Make a produce appear and produce the actual product

The possibilities and combination of effects are endless. The iFRAME prop will allow you to have an arsenal of effects at your disposal making it easy to customize a stage presentation for a corporate or special event.

For more details and to order, click HERE.