What Do You Think of This New Promotional Website

What Do You Think of This New Promotional Website


i have just completed and launched a newly revamped official “J C Sum” promotional website.


I have written about building a website before. Although some of the technical information needs to be updated, the basic guiding principles remain the same.

The first thing you have to be clear about is the objectives of your website.

You are an entertainer so this is your promotional website. It is not designed to be a news site, niche authority site or e-commerce site. If you want to create one of those, then that should be completely different website and domain name.

Your promo website has three basic functions:

  1. Promote Your Services
  2. Act as an Online Portfolio
  3. Help Potential Clients Make Informed Decisions to Book You

The number one key performance index that tells you if your website is working for you is the number of shows that you book at your asking price. Website hits and high number of inquiries are nice to have, but do not mean anything if you do not close the shows.

With this basic philosophy in mind, I redesigned the website with better info layout, much more user-friendly content and multiple “call to actions”.

Have a look and leave a comment if you think the “J C Sum website” serves its purpose!