Download a New Free Illusion Plan – Excess Baggage

Download a New Free Illusion Plan – Excess Baggage


Here is your chance to download an illusion plan for FREE!

Learn how to perform and build a production illusion with the following effect:

The illusionist asks the audience if they travel by air and if they find packing for trips challenging.

He explains that he always tries to pack everything into one suitcase for convenience, but his luggage is always overweight, and he has to pay for excess baggage charges.

He offers to show the audience what he keeps in his suitcase.

A large soft-style suitcase is seen lying on a dolly. The illusionist unzips it, opens it up and removes a set of clothing from the suitcase.

This is placed aside, and he proceeds to remove a heavy ATA case that just fits inside the suitcase. The illusionist explains that it contains all the equipment he needs for the show.

He places the show case down and explains that while all these contents do make his suitcase heavy, there is one more item that really adds to the weight. He snaps his fingers and a beautiful girl magically emerges from the suitcase!

“Excess Baggage” is a 7-page illusion plan complete with building plans, dimensions, material lists and full descriptions.

This is a really cool production of a girl from a suitcase that is surprising, deceptive and easy to put together.
The illusion will appeal to stage magicians and illusionists of all levels and can fit into almost any illusion show.
Honestly, this is probably the best free illusion plan I have released to date and look forward to present it in my own show.

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