Stage Teleportations Premium Illusion Design Series #5

Stage Teleportations Premium Illusion Design Series #5


After 2 years since the last release, I am happy to announce the publication of “Stage Teleportations” the 5th installment in my Premium Illusion Design Series.

The Premium Illusion Design Series is the most comprehensive and detailed instruction on illusion design and performance in the market today.

Each series focuses on a single illusion and goes into the details of the construction, design, performance and psychology of the illusion.

Each illusion in the series includes:

  • Detailed Multi-angle Streaming Video Explanation
  • Illusion Plans PDF – Full Building Plans with Dimensions and Instruction
  • History & Background of the Illusion

This Premium Illusion Design Series focuses on stage teleportations or the transposition of a person from one location to another.

Over the past 10 years, I have designed and refined many different methods for teleportations in order to stage the illusion in almost any venue or  performing condition.

Content included in this extensive Premium Illusion Design Series package includes:

  • Video Discussion/ Performances/ Explanation on Stage Teleportations, Teleportation Illusion Utility Props, 6 different methods, presentation ideas and professional worker’s tips. (45min)
  • Detailed Design Plans + Video for “Switch-out Teleportation (32 pages)
  • Detailed Design Plans for “Backdoor Teleportation (21 pages)

Currently, this new illusion package is on pre-order and will be released on 30 Mar 2018. Pre-order the package now to get a 25% discount.

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