Extra Income Ideas for Illusionists

Extra Income Ideas for Illusionists


At illusionbooks.com, one of the aspects of being an illusionist that we focus on is sharing how illusionists can make more money and earn a good living performing as an illusionist.

The best way to do this is to present the high quality product possible with a differentiated value.

In addition, I am a proponent of developing additional streams of income in my Income Triangle concept which I detailed in my book “The Showbiz Master Plan”.


Many successful illusionists work on developing additional streams of income. Common income streams include selling merchandise, performance DVDs, producing informational products (books, DVD, ebooks, streaming videos, courses), teaching or performer’s gear or equipment.

Personally, I think it is important that your additional streams of income should complement your active income and should not distract or affect the quality or continued innovation of your primary creative product, in this case performing an illusion show or act. The additional stream of income should also be related or complement your market.

Extra Income Ideas for Illusionists

I share one way of making extra income for an illusionist without any side jobs in a post here.

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