J C Sum LIVE & UNCUT! The Solo Illusion Show

J C Sum LIVE & UNCUT! The Solo Illusion Show


Welcome to a brand new year and I sincerely hope that 2016 will be a great year for you.

I wanted to kick off the new year by giving in to a popular request and releasing my full live show performance for sale.

J C Sum Live

Till now, my solo illusion show video has only been available as part of the Project One: The Video product.

However, you can now watch my full 45-minute solo illusion show in an uncut multi-camera video.

The video features my entire show as performed for a live audience of 1400 people, unedited with the original audio from the show retained.

This will give you insight on how I perform a solo illusion show without any female assistants.

J C Sum Live & Uncut! The Solo Illusion Show is available as a streaming video for US$15 at:http://illusionbookstore.com/product/j-c-sum-live-uncut-the-solo-illusion-show/