What is the Magic Master Summit?

What is the Magic Master Summit?


Over the past month, you might have read or heard about the Magic Master Summit, a free online magic convention. I know some are not 100% sure what it is or if there is a catch, so, I thought it would be good if I could explain it from my perspective.

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Simply put: It is an online magic seminar taking place on 18 – 22 July 2016 that will feature over 30 video presentations from 24 experts from all over the world.

It is completely free and once you reserve your place, you can access all the lectures during the above period.

In my opinion, this is the ultimate “Show Business” summit as it focuses both on the show and business side of being an entertainer.

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Who is Producing the Master Magic Summit?

The man behind the summit is Dave Womach who goes by the stage name David Davinci. He is a working pro who has performed across the world with a full illusion show. He is recognized by peers for his awards and performances as well as original products such as his bird training DVDs.

Dave has spent hundreds of hours planning, organizing, filming, editing and producing this summit. And, this is on top of his active performing schedule. Check out the video below to watch him in action:

Who Are the Experts and Why are They Doing it?

If you have been following my work on illusionbooks.com, you know that I have a passion for sharing solid content that has value – most of it absolutely free.

While I cannot speak for everyone, I know many of the guest lecturers in the summit share a similar passion.

Most working professionals know that knowledge is power and any modest success we have is built on the shoulders of giants and people before us. The sharing of knowledge is what makes the industry and community as a whole better. When the overall market is elevated, everyone benefits. Ok, busted; it is not completely altruistic 🙂

So, it should be no surprise that when Dave invited me to be a guest “expert”, I happily accepted.

All the experts are fellow peers and colleagues working in a competitive global market. All of them are successful in their niche markets and have an approach that has worked for them that may work for others. All of them also know Dave personally as well.

I knew Dave in 2004 when he bought a couple of my books. Then in 2005, we worked a magic festival together in Bangladesh with other magicians like Franz Harary and Juan Mayoral. Who would have known, two magicians, literally a world apart, meeting in Dhaka. Over the years, we have kept in touched and followed each other’s work and progress.

I also know most of the experts personally, having crossed paths with one another over two decades of being a performing magician/ illusionist. They are all good people with different stories, experiences and expertise that add value to the summit.

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. The entire summit is completely free during its live airing period from 18 – 22 July 2016.

However, if you want to download the summit to go through all the material in depth and at your own time, you can choose to purchase it too later on. So, if any money is made, it is purely through people who see the value and want to invest in the content to keep.

Otherwise, ANYONE can reserve their place and watch the content free from 18 – 22 July 2016.

The only investment is your time. Either way, I guarantee you will receive a hundred times a return on your investment.




Upon registering, you will be emailed 7 Free Documents that you can utilize for your work:

  • Booking Form (Used for your records for all types of events)
  • Client Invoice (To instantly make you look more professional)
  • Confidentiality Agreement (Basic version for your casual performance settings)
  • Confidentiality Agreement (Expert version for those really important contracts and secrets)
  • Cover Letter (To get you started in the right direction)
  • Letter of Agreement (Simple contract for most shows)
  • Model Release Form (Giving you the unlimited permission to use someone’s image for your promotional or business purposes)

I will be watching the summit myself, except for my own lectures since I kind of know what its about. Don’t miss out!