Performing on Cruise Ships for Magicians & Illusionists

Performing on Cruise Ships for Magicians & Illusionists

The cruise ship industry is one of the current markets that provide good work for magicians and illusionists. You will be surprised to learn how many well-known magicians and illusionists work several contracts a year (short term and long term) on cruise lines.
The performing environment is always in a professional theatre setting with proper technical support, making it an ideal venue to create memorable magic for the audience.

In this exclusive audio show (that I conducted for my other website Backstage Business Academy), listen to an in-depth discussion on performing on cruise ships and bookings gigs on ships.

10) The Blades

I have been performing on cruise ships for half a decade as a headline entertainer. While I don’t stay on the ships for very long periods (less than a month at a time with a week or two-break in between), my show is installed on the ship for 6 – 7 months at a time.

As of this audio show in Aug 2016, I am the resident headliner for Royal Caribbean’s “Ovation of the Seas”, currently, the newest and largest cruise liner in Asia. Last year, I was the headliner for Quantum of the Seas which was the newest and largest ship in Asia at that time. 2017 update: I am headlining multiple Royal Caribbean ships in Asia and my props are transferred ship to ship in common ports. I also worked P & O and Cunard cruises earlier in the year.

In the first part of this 60-min audio show, I will share some general valuable information on the cruise industry and what you need to know if you want to perform on cruise ships; including:

1) Overview of the Cruise Industry
2) Different Types of Entertainers that Work Cruise Ships
3) Types of Shows Booked on a Cruise Shop
4) The Market for Entertainers in the Cruise Ship Industry
5) Designing Your Show for Cruise Ships

In the second half of this audio show, I speak with Fred & Bobbie Becker who perform as “The Beckers” on cruise ships. We discuss all things related to working cruise ships and how to get started.

Listen to the audio show or download it below or here.

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The Beckers have also developed a course called “Gigs on Ships”.

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This comprehensive 9-week course will teach you everything you need to know and more on working on cruise ships.

  • They lay their entire business out for you and teach you everything it took them more than 40 years to learn.
  • You’ll be 100% prepared by listening to interviews with industry professionals including Cruise Directors, Agents, and Production Managers.
  • You get their entire lists of contacts, and more importantly, details on what to do with each one.
  • Exclusive access to a community of ship entertainers in the private members only website. (I’m an adviser!)

Students of their course have secured multi-week contracts on cruise lines and pursued one of their performing dreams.

If you want to receive a whole bunch of free information on working cruises and reserve a chance to join their course, just sign up HERE.


If you do eventually sign up for the course, you will get an exclusive bonus video on “Insights of Performing on Cruise Ships in Asia” FREE!