Base Work Premium Illusion Design Series #2

Base Work Premium Illusion Design Series #2


Finally, this long-requested product has been released. Lots of work went into the planning and filming of the video streaming component of this premium illusion plan series. The plans themselves have been updated and expanded as well.

“Base Work” is the most comprehensive instruction on building and performing with an illusion deceptive base. The deceptive base is the single most important utility in illusioneering and is required education by all serious students of illusion.

This volume in the premium illusions design series details everything you need to know about understanding, building and working with a modern deceptive base.

Also included is the detailed construction of my original modern base design that is highly deceptive, durable but yet very lightweight.


“Base Work” includes:

  • Updated and Expanded Deceptive Base Building Plans with Photos
  • 40-minute Multi-angle Streaming Video
  • Base Technique & Performance
  • Two Base Design Variations

Receive a US$30 rebate if you previously purchased the original base work plans or Illusionary Departures 2012, Ultimate Illusion Collection or The Complete Illusion Library.

(Proof of purchase may be required. Please email to request for rebate coupon.)

If you are looking for illusion base building plans, check out the promo trailer below:

You can order “BASE WORK” Premium Illusion Design Series #2 HERE.


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