The Ultimate Business Book for Illusionists

The Ultimate Business Book for Illusionists


I recently received a token from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 for being a member for more than 20 years. It is timely as it is testament to the time that it took to write and publish what I consider the most important book that I have ever written for illusionists and the ultimate business book for illusionists and all entertainers..

“The Showbiz Master Plan” is not just a business book on how to book more shows that pay more but is a live entertainer’s blueprint to making a consistent 6-figure income, building a sustainable career and setting up for retirement.

It is the book that I wished I had at the beginning of my career as it would have made me aware of what I needed to know about show business, marketing and investing right from the very start. Oh, how I would have made and saved so much more money.

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This book is filled with incredible stories, practical advice, time-tested tips and market-proven action-steps on how to build a successful career as a performing artist and live entertainer.

One of the original concepts I share is my “Income Triangle” for creative entrepreneurs and why & how to go about developing it.

The book is available in print (ships from the US) or as an instant download.

If you buy the book today, you can receive a 15% discount. (Printed Book) (PDF)

Trust me, if you are performing entertainer, I think this book will be one of the best career investments you can make 🙂