New Miser’s Dream Bucket – The Perfect Coin Pail 2.0

New Miser’s Dream Bucket – The Perfect Coin Pail 2.0


I’m really happy to be able to offer a new Miser’s Dream Bucket – The Perfect Coin Pail 2.0!

While this is not an illusion, the “Miser’s Dream” is a popular stage routine that has found its place in many illusionists’ repertoire over time.

A couple of years ago, I did a review video where I compared different types of “Miser’s Dream” coin pails available on the market.

The “winners” were “The Bell Bucket” from Magic Inc and my “Perfect Coin Pail”.

The latter looked like a medium-sized champagne bucket and had a great loud audible ring when coins were dropped in it.

Unfortunately, it was discontinued because the manufacturer stopped making the basic pail that we used.

Over the years, we continually looked for a pail that had all the qualities of the first pail. Specifically; extremely lightweight but with a loud pleasant sounding ring when coins are dropped in it. The specific material, the thickness of the material and how the pail is made all contribute to the qualities of a pail we look for.

We hunted high and low for a replacement pail but to no avail… until now.

On an overseas trip, I found the “Perfect Coin Pail 2.0”. It was perfect in every way and even more so because we could make it available at a lower price.

perfect coin pail 2

Here are some “perfect” features of the coin pail:

  • Small convenient size, easy to handle and easy to transport
  • Made from high quality stainless steel
  • Measures 5.5″ in diameter and 6″ in height
  • Very lightweight and weighs 210g
  • Straight edges and a smaller diameter mouth so that the inside of the pail is not easily seen from a top view
  • 1cm flat lip all around the mouth of the pail making it easier to hold the pail in “Miser’s Dream” position and perform the necessary moves
  • Loud audible ring when coins are dropped into the pail

Price: US$45.00 + shipping

The Perfect Coin Pail 2.0 is only available from the and you can order it here.

Note: Very limited quantities are available.