Project ONE: The Solo Illusionist NOW AVAILABLE!

Project ONE: The Solo Illusionist NOW AVAILABLE!


I’m really thrilled to announce that Project ONE: The Solo Illusionist is now available.

This is a project I have been working on for more than two years now and actually been performing professionally in Asia and Europe since 2013.

It is the most work I’ve ever put in for a single product that includes filming for at my live show, in the studio and writing. I’m glad it has all come together well for a fantastic product that will really benefit people.

In this new ground-breaking video for stage magicians and illusionists, I share how to create, produce and stage a professional solo illusion show.

First, experience my 45-minute solo illusion show in front of a live audience of 1400 people. The show is unedited with the original audio from the show retained. This is a rare chance to watch a complete illusion show of a working professional in its entirety from start to finish.

Next, join me in my studio where I break down the show and discuss, in depth, my approach to the solo illusion and how to go about producing it.

I explore all aspects of the solo illusion show production from show design, illusion selection, stage management, resource management, sound, lighting and video support.

Finally, I provide a commentary to my full show to highlight all the methods, techniques, tips and tricks that make my show work well.

If you found value in my best-selling DVD, Behind the Illusions, you will enjoy this video that is filmed and produced in HD.

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