Premium Illusion Design Series #1 – Impassable

Premium Illusion Design Series #1 – Impassable


This is a project I have been working on for six months but did not have time together due to my performance schedule.

However, I’m pleased to release the first of three “Premium Illusion Design Series”.

The Premium Illusion Design Series is the most comprehensive and detailed instruction on illusion design and performance in the market today.

Each series focuses on a single illusion and goes into the details of the construction, design, performance and psychology of the illusion.

Each illusion in the series includes:

  • Detailed Multi-angle Video Explanation
  • Full Building Plans with Dimensions and Instruction
  • History & Background of the Illusion



“Impassable” is my innovation of the “3” Hole Trunk”, originally inspired by Jim Steinmeyer’s “Through a One-Inch Hole” Illusion. The new design is a big leap forward in the psychological effect of the illusion for the audience.

This is a practical two-person illusion that sees a girl pass through a 3” hole in a diamond plated steel plate; into a solid locked ATA case.

I have completely redesigned the workings of the illusion to ensure a smooth operation with a prop that will stand the rigours of a professional show. My specification for the material-combination used ensures that the entire illusion is very lightweight but durable.

In this premium design series, I share my detailed building plans for the prop and all-round curtain. In the video explanation, I highlight prop design features as well as the exact technical handling and performance of the illusion.

Check out the video trailer below or here.

To order the “Premium Illusion Design Series #1 – Impassable”, click on the link.

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