Top 3 Most Read Magic & Illusions Posts in 2015

Top 3 Most Read Magic & Illusions Posts in 2015


If you don’t have time and want to read the best of the best, check out the most read posts for 2015. These are the posts with the highest views and comments. I learnt a lot researching and writing them. The second most read post on “A Case Study in Illusion Design & Modification” is my personal fave.

Budget Illusions that Look Great on Stage

A Case Study in Illusion Design & Modification

Solo Illusions for Magicians & Illusionists

There were also a couple of standout products from in 2015 that sold very well. Some didn’t’ surprise me, some did. They are:

Project ONE: The Solo Illusionist Set

Premium Design Series #2 – Base Work

Premium Design Series #3 – Crystal Metamorphosis


Look forward to at least three great product releases for this year!

I am close to completing my final word on my business, marketing & investing book for entertainers. Entitled “The Showbiz Masterplan”, this is, in my opinion, the most valuable book that I have written.


There is also a unique fire torch prop as well as my highly anticipated illusion design book on solo illusions. Stay tuned!