Crystal Metamorphosis Premium Illusion Design Series #3

Crystal Metamorphosis Premium Illusion Design Series #3


The much anticipated Premium Illusion Design Series for “Crystal Metamorphosis” is now available!


The Premium Illusion Design Series is the most comprehensive and detailed instruction on illusion design and performance in the market today.

Each series focuses on a single illusion and goes into the details of the construction, design, performance and psychology of the illusion.

Each illusion in the series includes:

  • Detailed Multi-angle Streaming Video Explanation
  • Illusion Plans PDF – Full Building Plans with Dimensions and Instruction
  • History & Background of the Illusion

Here is some great value for purchasers of the “Crystal Metamorphosis” Premium Plans:

Receive a US$25 store credit for future purchases if you purchase this set of Premium Illusion Design Plans before 28 February! Store credit valid till 31 Mar 2015.

If you have purchased any of the following products previously, you can request for a rebate code to enjoy $40 off this premium plan:

  • Urban Illusions
  • Original “Metamorphosis” Digital Illusion Plans #4 (now discontinued)
  • Ultimate Illusion Collection
  • The Complete Illusion Library

Email to request for the rebate code. (Proof of purchase may be required).



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