Updated ATA Sub Trunk Illusion Plans That Packs Flat into Itself!

Updated ATA Sub Trunk Illusion Plans That Packs Flat into Itself!


One of my most popular illusions for working professional magicians and weekend warriors is “Blinded”, the Worker’s Appearance Illusion System.

Its greatest strength is the fact that it is a functional appearance utility that packs into itself to form its own ATA flight case. This make it as lightweight for transport as possible as well as super portable.

At the request of a magician, I worked out a way to design and build my ATA Sub Trunk with that pack flat design in mind.

My original design was a straight forward Sub Trunk that was built like an ATA flight case.

I also figured out the best way to gimmick the trunk and hold the necessary in place. Obviously, the trunk does not break down for transport and is quite bulky. But, it can be used as a show case to transport other props.


I have completely redesigned the Sub Trunk so that it packs flat into itself and forms its own ATA flight case.

It packs down to a mere 39.5″ x 26″ x 6″.

It takes just minutes to assemble and is held together with 10 bolt/ wing nut sets.

It is designed for speed and still looks great on stage.

It was a challenge to ensure the trunk is structurally sound yet will work well and is able to pack down the way it does.

This is really a practical working solution for workers and you can purchase the ATA Sub Trunk 2.0 illusion plans HERE.


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  1. I was just curious on about how much the price would be to actually build each of the three sub trunks that are provided on this website?

    • Hi Ronald, it will vary based on location and what type of builder you use. Where are you located and who did you have in mind to build the prop? J C

      • Hey JC thanks for answering I am from Colorado and I am getting more information before I choose a builder or maybe build it myself. I hope this helps if you need anything else let me know.

  2. I am also interested in this but not knowing the estimated cost or what materials are needed it is hard to calculate whether it is financially worth building. Please give an example what it would cost in the USA to build or the components needed so I can go price the parts.

    • It also does depend which part of the US you are from. But, I would estimate material costs to be about $500 – $600. Of course, you may have options of different quality/ priced parts.